Warrior Princess


She is my hearts delight
She exists
To soothe my plight
Pulsing through time
Dashing through trees
Swinging on vines
To find her way to me

The grace of a ballerina
The style of a gymnast
The wisdom of Buddha
In her heart love will last
Her soul contains the secrets
Of the universe, future and past

Tumbling twisted somersaults
Over table tops landing
Upright with not a fault
Legs of a goddess
Steady and firm
She flashes her sword
Ten men scurry and squirm
Unhinges her shakra
To stand toe to toe
Against an army of hundreds
While laughing beheads any foe

I look into her eyes
Shinning and bright
Her depth and beauty are no surprise
She looked my way
One time, I thought
I think right after
Her DVD I bought
No, she’s not real
Only fantasy
So surreal
Yet when life’s got me down
The weights too hard to bare
I hear her wild war cry
Her passions always there
To lift me to heights
And dash my despair
She rides along side
Hand on her hilt
Eyes shinning so bright
Giving me strength
A warrior princess
My hearts delight


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