What if
You woke up and logged on to the internet to only find; Sorry for the inconvenience, but the internet will be shut down for a week for repairs.

You flipped on the TV to get the news on this strange internet story, but the message floated on the screen; Sorry for the inconvenience, but all television programing will be shut down for a week.

You found your cell phone and dialed a friend, but a message appeared; Sorry, no cell phone service for a week. Oops, sorry.

You ran out the door and down the street to ask a neighbor if they were having the same messages show up on their devices. You knocked on their door and they opened up and with fear on their face mouthed silent words; What is this? And you attempted to speak, but no sounds came forth. Not a peep.

You turned your face to the sky. You can hear bird song, car traffic, airplane overhead, the sun shown, clouds moving, slight breeze and you pinch your arm to make sure this is not a dream. It’s not. You wince from the pain.

You grab a piece of paper to write a note to communicate your concern to SOMEONE. When you press the pen to paper no words are formed. Another pen; nothing. You open Microsoft word so you can type a note. Nothing. No words on the screen.

You have the idea to take pictures and show them to whoever, but your camera doesn’t work.

That voice in your head. Yes, that one! You know it well. Gone.

The world has gone silent.

At first there’s panic. People running, soundless screaming, pounding of silent fists. People grabbing and shaking one another. SOMEONE must be able to speak!!!
Computers being tossed out windows. Blank pages of paper drift down silent streets. The headlines on the NY Times reads; _________ There is no headlines. There is no newspapers. Only fear of silence. Fear of not knowing the words of others and not giving your words to others.

The illusion is being dismantled.

By the end of the week you’ve found a peace you’ve never known. The peace of silence. Your actions being the only way to communicate. You see another and boldly walk up to them and you embrace each other in silence. Silent body language. Smile. Hug. Offering food. Walking together in friendship in silence. No fear. Your dog trots up, sits in front of you and cocks his head then gives a doggy wink as if to say, “Welcome to my world.”

And the world has gone silent. And the world is returning to it’s natural state.


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