Useless Drivel

Where is this world  going? Round and round a big ball of flames we call ‘the sun’. Round and round the galaxy and expanding ever faster. All the spiritual junkies tell us that we are here for expansion and growing and learning. The universes job is to expand. I’m not convinced the universe actually has a job or even is aware that it’s expanding. It just is. And we just are. Perhaps that’s true or perhaps we unconsciously feel our little world expanding whether we like it or not, so we have to create a story so it fits in our ever expanding brains. The universe is expanding? I mean…I don’t actually feel this phenomena. If I sit very still….nope. Don’t feel it. I sit still again to see how much I’ve grown and learned…..nope. Don’t think so.

But maybe on some level I’m not aware of…some dimension….some subatomic….in the realm of plank lengths…electrons….up and down quarks this “I” is being pulled apart along with the universe I happen to inhabit?

I have no idea. I’m simply typing some shit here for the sake of typing some shit. Mostly I have my eyes closed trying to not make typing mistakes. If you’re trying to make sense of this or if you’re reading this at all don’t bother reading it with any degree of awareness or gaining some deep understanding. There is none. Don’t even bother clicking ‘like’. Why? I wish WordPress had at least five buttons to check.
Don’t like.
Don’t care.
I’m just passing through and noticed you might need a like, but I really am not reading your crap.
I click your like button just so you click my like button!! (fishing for likes)

Ya know, it’s no wonder us humans are so screwed up. We’re spinning on a world, we have a moon spinning around us, which is rotating around a sun with other very big rocks rotating around the same sun, which is in a galaxy with billions and billions of systems rotating and spinning around a black hole. We’re dizzy as shit. No wonder we can stand up at all. No wonder we’re all screwed up and can’t agree on any damn thing.

So…there ya go..383 words of useless drivel.



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