More Nothing

I had a dream.

That sentence sounds familiar. Where have I heard that before? “I had a dream”, no..I think it’s “I have a dream” I guess that was a famous speech by Martin Luther King. No relation to Stephen King, I don’t think. If I have a dream it means the dream is ongoing or being projected into the future. I’m attempting to experience it now, maybe even control the outcome of the future dream. When I say, I had a dream, I guess that means the dream is finished and all that’s left is for me to remember it. Swap the word ‘had’ to ‘have’. Whateverrrrr. Get on with it, will ya.

(Point of interest about the fingers typing this and the brain supposedly moving the fingers. I’m on two different hormones for medical reasons, which are beginning to cloud the judgement of the brain moving the fingers. No telling what will come forth here. Exciting, eh? Might be wise for you to keep moving on to the next posted blog. Be forewarned.)

Anyway….the dream.

I was attempting to dock a sailboat. There were many people on the sailboat, but I don’t think they were helping me dock the boat. They were simply meandering about this small boat and mostly getting in each others way. I finally get it tied to the dock and the people get off the boat onto the dock. The water is calm enough, but the sky is dark and filled with gloomy clouds.

The tide goes out or the nature of the water has changed from being an ocean to being pockets or pools of deep water. There are dangerous animals roaming about the pockets of water. Lions, Tigers, Bears…oh my! Lions and tigers and bears…oh my. Lions and tigers and bears….OH MY.


I find a deep diving suit, which I’m trying to put on. It doesn’t quite fit me and I’m afraid it will leak when I jump into the water. The water is very deep, have I said that already? I struggle with the diving suit and the animals roaming close do not even bother me. They’re there and I get the feeling they might attack me, but I don’t care. I go about the business of putting this diving suit on.

I wake up when I realize the diving suit just will not fit. I’m more worried about the diving suit not fitting than the wild animals baring down on me!! Say..what?

Dreams…just can’t figure’em.

I guess I had a dream…or am I still in the dream trying to figure out the meaning of this dream I’m still having. Then I realize there is no meaning to the dream.

I’m looking forward to waking up from the Dream-that-must-not-be-named and getting on with whatever dream is happening these days. Something to do with Trump, I think?

Well…501 words. I’ve really out done myself. Now, where is my damn diving suit.


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