My One And Only Original Thought

I want to know if I’ve ever had an original thought and idea. This very thought I’m typing right now is not mine. I read it in some book, Osho comes to mind. I must have gotten it from him. He states that all thinking pertains to the past. Every single thought I’ve ever had or will have is based in the past. Every thought I’ve had about the future is a conglomerate of pieces of the past put together in such a way as to form a future event.

Example: Tomorrow I will plant a bush.
I have a picture in my head of the bush I will plant, which I found a week ago in a magazine or online. I’ve read about planting this bush and where it will do well and get the sun it needs. Partial shade, base of manure, and so many inches deep in the earth which I read instructions in a book I bought years ago. I’ve also had experiences in planting bushes many years ago. And my idea of tomorrow is based on the many tomorrows I’ve already experienced. Plus, an hour ago I looked at the weather forecast. Every single thing about the sentence ‘Tomorrow I will plant a bush‘ comes from the past.

All the instructions and teachings of the gurus tell us to Live In The Present Moment!!

But all our thinking is about the past. This makes life confusing for me!!

Osho also said that it’s impossible to be anywhere other than in the present moment. I’m in the present moment, thinking about the past. I guess that’s why ‘they’ tell us to let go of our thinking, but that is nearly an impossible task. Even so called enlightened masters think and are slaves to the past.

So, my one and only original thought is….drum roll….Ahhh..Ahhhhh…Chooooo!

Hmm..?? Crazy life. Speaking of which, I need to get one.


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