sleeping people_4bcb3e604676d_hires

In some cultures dreaming while sleeping and being awake are the same. All life is a dream and there are no boundaries. We simply shift from one state to another and all the infinite possibilities in between.

Jake was in a dream state curled up on his side with a million thoughts pulsing through his mind. His thoughts wouldn’t focus on any particular one. They were running wild and unhindered through this mind. They threatened to drag him so deep beneath the surface that he might not ever escape. He’d be lost or at least unable to return to what some call reality, which of course is ridiculous, because, as we know, wherever you are there you are and you’re always somewhere, which could be everywhere all at once.

A voice pierced the darkness of his dream world. It was a female voice with an English accent. She spoke in a very loud voice; Jake…JAKE….STOP!

And Jake’s eyes shot open. He bolted straight up from bed as if a giant hand had suddenly swooped in and pushed him. The dream world he left behind melted into the fog and was forgotten. Memories and bits and pieces of his dreaming bubbled and popped into his awareness, but soon dissolved and was forgotten. He was now fully present in …. this waking dream …. this reality. He had reset and now the day begins.


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