Ahhh..The Good Old Days


I miss the days of ‘Go ahead, make my day’. I can’t say I miss those days because I twir’nt  round during those times. I can say I’ve seen reenactments of those times and wish they were here now. Ya ya, the reenactments are hyped up for Hollywood, but still…I can fantasize.

If someone wronged you, well, you just rode into town and fucking shot’em. Simple direct in your face justice. You didn’t even worry about the police showing up to arrest you. Ya left the body lying there. Maybe even walked over it and spit in his/her face as you strode by. Then you walked into a barber shop and got yourself a haircut and a bath to clean off the filth. Perhaps the sheriff tracked you down to offer you his job or at least to be his deputy. But you ain’t got time for that law-abiding shit. Gotta keep mov’n on.


These days…these days suck. People are whining that the President tweeted some shit. Wa..wa…wa!! He needs to oil up his guns. Walk onto the Joe in the Morning show and drop is sorry ass. Then turn to the camera with a Clint Eastwood squinty eyed look and say, “Any other questions?”

We’re all stuck in our heads. Afraid to confront bad guys head on. We make a tweet, post on FB or make an appointment with the shrinks and lawyers to work it out. 20 years and 50 grand later we’re still taking anti-depressants and our lives are slowly circling the toilet in fear. We’re afraid we might get sued if we even say the wrong thing. Jesus, God forbid I get sued and lose my life savings, house, car and all belongings in a fucked up lawsuit. Oh Please…not the lawsuit!! Help me mommy!

I say, “One dead shitty m’fucking asshole is worth some useless paper I got stuffed in a bank.” And it’s not even paper! It’s digital numbers on a computer screen.

Well, I gotta be roll’n on. There’s things to do, money to make, women to love, and assholes to kill.

WHAT? YOU SAY SUMPT’N?? I got you in my sights. Careful what comes out your pie-hole. Now, back away…real slow or you’ll be carry’n a belly full of lead.


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