Jake was deep in sleep with thoughts running rampant through his mind. They were not blissful dreamy thoughts. They were thoughts filled with negativity, turmoil, unsolvable problems that haunted him in his waking hours. They buzzed his mind like he had walked into a mosquito infested swamp and they were tugging him downward.


A female voice with an English accent penetrated and cut through his dreaming. Jake’s eyes popped open and he sat upright in bed. His mind went blank, froze and the mind-chatter dissolved.

Jake wondered where this voice came from and why she called him by his formal name Jacob. Not even his mother called him Jacob. He was Jake.


She breathed a metaphoric sigh of relief because she had no breath. She had been watching Jacob for a long time. She did not like interfering in the lives of those she watched, but she could tell that Jacob was spinning himself into a mental state from which he might not return. The two words she used to pierce his consciousness were delivered with a surgeons accuracy. Precise timing and designed to cut through mind clutter.

She knew he would think about those two words for a good long time. They would take precedence over whatever else was going on. Jacob…Stop. Where did they come from? Who spoke them? People spoke of guardian angels, was this his? He had been questioning the idea of spirit. Was this a voice from the spirit world? Was the voice proof of an afterlife? Or did his own mind speak to him as sort of a self preservation mode? Maybe his mind was connected to other minds and he simply received a random transmission?

She knew he would not let it go until he had found an answer. This was his way. She would not have to interfere again. By then earth years would have passed and Jacobs time would nearly be finished. She relaxed and resumed her surveillance of those she watched over.





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