Q and A With Eric

Hello Eric, how are you?

I don’t believe that’s any of your business and I’m sure you don’t really care. You could have said anything, “Oh, what a lovely pile of shit you’re about to step in.” or “Hello Eric, I’m going to stick my finger in your eye” better yet a good opening might be; Hello Eric. Plain and simple.

Ok. Makes sense. Hello Eric.


I’d like to begin this interview with a few basic questions. The first is that it’s all over the internet that your real name is not Eric Strong.

Yes, that’s correct. I don’t understand how or why that news traveled through the internet, but then I don’t understand much of anything. Anyway, Eric Strong seems like a good solid name. Good as any, I guess. It’s meaningless.

Would you like to share your real name?


Fair enough. You have millions of followers here on WordPress. The words you type here carry so much weight and create strong vibrations throughout the world. I’ve heard leaders of nations, Putin, Trump, Obama, Dali Lama, Pope read your blog before they start their day. Millions of people click and read your posts each day. That’s a heavy responsibility, don”t you think?

Well, of the words you just typed there are only 3 that make any sense. “Don’t you think?” Actually, no…I don’t. I’m trying to leave that little ability in the dust. I can’t see where thinking has served anyone at all. I believe in what Kurt Vonnegut has wrote about in his book, Galapagos. Humans have evolved with oversized brains, which will eventually destroy us and make us extinct. Our brains are too big. We need to de-evolve that physical organ. And I do not have millions of followers. I have only one and tell you the truth I’m sick of him following me around EVERY damn day. He’s always yapping in my ear with critical remarks; I did this wrong or that wrong or why didn’t I say this or that or ….hey your hair is out of place. Very annoying chap. If I could ditch him then I might have a chance in this world.

Hmm..Interesting. I was sure you had millions of followers, but, yes…looking now I see only the one with a few who check in. Sorry. I should check my facts before the interview. Oh, and by the way….screw you. You’re stuck with me…asshole.

No probleemo mi amigo.

Any thoughts on religion you’d care to share? I’ve read in your bio that you were raised a Catholic then gave up on religion and then turned to Zen Buddhism and now you don’t follow a religion.

You nailed it, but then…you already knew this because…well…you’re me. My only follower. Look, I’m going to end this Q and A because it’s stupid. I’m asking myself questions I already know the answer to. Why don’t we just step into the closet and have a good old fashion conversation with each other. Mano-a-mano. Like a death match. First one to leave the closet wins.

You’re on. I’ll race you there. Say, I have to go back and italicize what you said and make bold my part so that people think there are two people talking back and forth. Meet ya in the closet in a second. We’ll make a day of it….have coffee…get to know each other…intimately. Wink!





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