The Art Of Avoiding

I get up at 3:30am every morning. People are ritualistic by nature. We all seem to like to complain about being stuck in a rut, but then we rush to string together daily events that form a routine. I think it’s calming or something? It’s also a good way to get yourself picked-off if you’re avoiding bad guys with long range rifles, the FBI or a private investigator. If you’re avoiding the IRS, you’re screwed. You can’t.

I’ve been noticing other peoples routines for a while. My reasons are simply to avoid becoming engaged and involved with humans. The reasons I’ve adopted this characteristic is much to lengthy and detailed to write here. I don’t consider this bad or good. It’s how life is at the moment.

I love a strong morning coffee and I like to get it at the StarBucks near my house. They open at 5:30am. I know if I get my coffee when they open, the 30 year old kid with the Lexus, who two weeks ago gave me a small notebook to write in because I carry a small journal, will pull up at 5:45am. His mistake was giving me the notebook. Nice kid and well intentioned, but that counts as contact and engagement. This puts him numero uno on my mental list of those to avoid. I know he doesn’t linger. He’s in and out with his coffee. So, it’s safe for me to show up at 5:50. Option; I can bury my face in a book and pretend I didn’t see him come in, which leaves me free to be at Starbucks at 5:30am. Always leave yourself options.

There’s a man at the YMCA. He’s a pastor at a local church. He attempted to befriend me with casual chatting and an offer to meet him at a coffee date to discuss whatever he had in mind to discuss. Friendly fellow. Too friendly. He’s at the YMCA from 5:15am to 6:15am. I used to go to the Y first and then grab a coffee afterwards. Now I grab a coffee at Starbucks first, get the caffeine energy and go to the Y when I know he’s gone. This works.

The overly friendly woman at the grocery store is high on my list. She began chatting one day. Told me I should look into Meet-Up groups in the area. I must be projecting some kind of lonely look? She gave me the website and all the pertinent info about the seemingly infinite way to Meet-Up with like minded people. Her routine is 8:00am Monday, Tuesday and Fridays. Occasionally on Saturdays. Noted and avoided.

There are birds outside my window at the moment. They begin their song fest at 5:05am. They’re ok. They’re yapping at each other and don’t even know I exist. Nice….for now.

Lesson: Always leave options. Never get stuck in a routine. Keep moving. (rolling stone gathers no moss) Practice projecting your mental invisibility cloak or get-the-hell-away-from-me vibe.

There are humans crawling all over this planet and they ALL want to engage and suck you into their vortex. Misery loves company, I guess. Keep on your toes, stay alert and aware. Good luck out there. It’s a mine-field.



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