Why I Sympathize With Trump


I ran a printing press similar to this picture for almost 40 years. It’s a two man press that requires a lot of attention to get it running and to keep it running. One man feeds the paper into the back end of the machine and he keeps the ink fountains full and other duties. The pressman is the guy in the picture looking over a sheet he’s just pulled from the delivery or front. (Ya, it’s upside down. The delivery is the front and the feeder is the back) His main job is to pay attention to make sure the colors are adjusted correctly and the quality of the printing is being maintained..

I had just changed jobs. I got a call from a printing company across town and they made me an offer.  More money. More overtime and I knew a couple people who were working at this shop. So, I left and started working in the new shop.

The one thing I did not know was that all my new co-workers wanted someone else in the press room to be advanced into the pressman’s job I was taking. I was walking into a job where 10 people hated me without even knowing me or my capabilities.

They not only hated me for taking this job, but they worked against me at every turn. I’d call out for help on something and no one would come. My ink fountains were constantly running out. I was running a two man press by myself because no one would help. Could I complain to the boss? No. My god, that would really make matters worse.

So, I slugged it out for 6 months and quit.

This company eventually went out of business about 2 years after I left. I’ve seen enough companies go out of business to kind of know why. The major reason is there is an untruth tearing it apart. People start fighting or bickering with each other. Then the quality of the product deteriorates. Then management lowers their prices thinking they can gain new business through cheap prices. Then vendors, maintenance mechanics don’t get paid and stop fixing the equipment. The equipment is held together with bubble gum and tape. And who the hell can produce a quality product with that? Then the negative word is on the streets and spreads like a virus. Sales might actually go up because of cheap prices, but the companies not making a profit. They’ve become the hamster on a wheel just keeping the doors open.  It won’t survive. Then the CEO is suddenly gone from the company and a large portion of the companies reserves are gone with him. “Screw everyone else, I’m outta here!” as he jumps ship.  What I experienced in my short 6 months was the beginning…the untruth settling in, the bickering and the deterioration of the equipment and people.

This won’t be popular, but I am rooting for Trump all the way. He was elected. He’s got a hell of a tough job and everyone should support and stand together. It does no good for the bickering, accusations of lying, accusations of Russia, the ‘resist’ slogan and all the other shit being tossed back and forth. A little descent and probing is good to keep people honest and sincere, but it’s gone too far and too much.


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