Image: Tightrope walker Wallenda walks the high wire over the Horseshoe Falls in Niagara Falls


Open arms
Wide smiles
generous hearts and
this world spins on its crazy axis.
A half degree … half – a – degree
in either direction and
bumble bees seek pollen no more,
tulips become memories from
non-existent pictures,
eagles soar carried by winds
through blue skies …
no winds,
no eagles,
no sky.
A man, a woman, a love vow
through two decades …
and a half degree keeps
this world
and all that is
in it precious.
A misplaced thought,
a harsh word
a careless act
a splinter of a degree off,
and in the beat of a
butterflies wing
all that, All – of – that becomes
… nothing.
This solid timeless, spinning
careening madly earth and all who ride
out our moments,
Oh, be mindful. Wake-up.
What a delicate balance
it is to hold the truth steady.


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