Letting It Go


Recent epiphany

This is how it seems to work for me. Letting go will happen when it happens. In it’s own natural time when all reasons for holding tight have been exhausted, struggled with, worried over, fought against and I stop screaming “I HAVE TO LET THIS GO” and people stop demanding of me to “PLEASE, JUST LET THAT GO, WE’RE SICK OF HEARING IT”. When I stop looking for modalities, practices, special meditations, religions, teachers, then letting go is like falling off a log. Natural. It’s the only thing left. It’s the only thing that can happen. The shoulders relax, the mind takes a breath and there you are. Letting go is not an action, intention, or determination of will.

It’s no action and it will come when it comes. Nothing I can do to hurry it along. The tide rolls in, the tide rolls out, sun rises, sun sets.


2 thoughts on “Letting It Go

    1. Comes from trying so many things to let-go of an issue and nothing I did worked. Finally I stopped and had to let-go of letting-go. If it’s in my mind today, then there it is. If it’s not, then ok with that too. Almost like I have zero say in the matter. LOL. Crazy life. Thanks for reading.

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