Kwai Chang Caine and Jack Reacher




If I talk to a guy about the Lee Child, Jack Reacher books and that I’ve read all 21 books. If this guy has never heard of Jack Reacher and I tell him how the character only has the clothes on his back. He carries no luggage. He own nothing except a fold-up tooth brush and maybe a wallet. He doesn’t own a house, car, mortgage, car payments, bed, and that he’s constantly on the move from one lowly hotel to the next. The cheaper the better. He usually travels by bus or hitchhiking. And…you DO NOT want to mess with Mr. Reacher because he will kick your ass in a major way, but first he’ll tell you how it’s going to go down and give you the chance to walk or run away. It would be best to take his first offer, cause you won’t like the second offer.

And then I can segue from Jack Reacher to the character Kwai Chang Caine, who pretty much lived the same lifestyle. Kwai Chang carried his little satchel of herbs and maybe a flute to keep him amused and the clothes on his back. He looks to be the innocent rambling half Chinese ex-monk. Owns nothing, meditates a lot and keeps moving. And…you DO NOT want to mess with Mr. Kwai Chang Caine because he will kick your ass.

So, if I talk to a guy there will come a point where his eyes become distant, like he’s looking into a dream. He’s imagining himself free, unencumbered, moving through life, none of life’s trappings and heavy obligations. Freedom. The guy will begin to smile at the fantasy and then blink himself back to reality shaking his head and say, “Ya, if only.”

If I’m speaking to a woman about the same topic her face scrunches up like she’s just eaten a lemon and smelled a fart at the same time. Her next words might be, “Yuk, who could live like that?” as she skips off to shop the mall with her bag swinging frivolously by her side. Tra-la-tra-la.

You tell me if it’s a man’s world or a woman’s world. Look at the houses lining every street, the cars, the malls, the frustrated men working jobs they hate. Who is running this show? I mean…really!

However, both Reacher and Caine say nothing and keep moving.


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