Deceitful Encounters

“The people, I have seen, have been hurt mostly by deceit and that’s worth thinking about. You get walloped by life and there’s no doubt about that. For a long time I thought that maybe people can handle earthquakes, cancer and death, maybe, but they can’t handle betrayal and they can’t handle deception and they can’t handle having the rug pulled out from underneath them by people they love and trust. That just does them in. It makes them ill. It hurts them psycho-physiologically, but more than that it makes them cynical and bitter and resentful and then they also start to act all that out in the world and that makes it worse.” ~ Jordan Peterson

And it makes it worse.
resentful, not trusting, cynical
looking at people and seeing
their twisted minds
wondering what devastating
concoction of events took place
that now shapes their reality
and why would
want to step into that arena?
Who would have the strength
to withstand an engagement
with 20, 30 or 50 years
of deceit, lies, half-truths
and have it presented on a silver platter
with a shining smiling face?
There’s not a soul on this planet
unscathed and lacking deep scars
from deceit.
There is no one safe to connect with.

Leave me alone
with my cancer
and looming death.
This, I can handle.


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